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Clinical Skin Treatments

Your best skin starts here. Every skin is unique and your skin conditions can change daily. So what is a professional skin treatment and why do you need one? A professional skin treatment not only provides you with immediate visible results but also long lasting benefits. Why? Because we use professional grade products that are stronger than what you use at home and when combined with the skills of a licensed skin therapist, you receive a personalized treatment that is designed just for you.

Professional products contain a high percentage of active ingredients and when we combine this with technology, we are able to solve your skin problems and improve the function of the skin. Like deep cleaning oily skin and preventing breakouts, calming sensitive skin or hydrating and smoothing lines in aging skin. But getting a professional skin treatment is just one part of achieving healthy skin. To get the best results you need to also follow a personalized skincare regimen at home.

Our trained staff can help you understand your skin and its special needs, providing you with a plan to help ensure that you’re using exactly what your skin needs to get the healthiest skin possible. We begin with an in-depth skin analysis to design a treatment for improving skin conditions and to address your special concerns. We then perform a double cleanse exfoliation to resurface and smooth skin revealing a brighter more even tone, extractions if necessary, a customized mask is then prepared, followed by a re-balancing solution, appropriate hydration and sun protection to finish. It is recommended that you receive a skin treatment every 4-6 weeks to maintain optimum skin health.

SINGLE: $125

SERIES OF 3: $360

* There are no refunds, but you may exchange for another service if indicated by the physician.

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