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The laser can improve the look and feel of most scars, particularly red scars, by stimulating collagen production in the deep layers of your skin.

Multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve improvement; the amount of improvement depends on the size and severity of the scar or vascular legion. The VBeam laser treatment delivers an intense but gentle burst of light to the skin. The light is absorbed by the blood vessels in the dermis. These blood vessels are reabsorbed by the body, allowing for a cleaner, more refreshed appearance.


Treatment with the VBeam may consist of multiple treatments and will last from 15-20 minutes. These treatments occur on an average of every 6-12 weeks depending on the area and type of treatment. The DCD (Dynamic Cooling Device) which is built into the laser system, delivers a short burst or spray of cryogen just prior to the laser pulse being delivered. The DCD has been instrumental in reducing pain associated with treatment as well as reducing the possibility of blister/scab formation. In some instances, a topical cream or anesthetic can be used if requested. The feeling of a laser pulse has been described as being snapped by a rubber band or a slight stinging sensation.


Following laser treatment, the area may continue to feel warm like sunburn. Depending on the type and area of treatment, patients will have different post-treatment results and regimes. Some patients may experience bruising or redness that lasts for several days up to several weeks, while others may only have slight redness for several hours.

* Results and patient experience may vary.


VBeam lasers are non-ablative (without significant injury to the skin). They deliver a beam of light that is effective for treatment but does not destroy surrounding tissue. The gentle light is absorbed by the blood vessels of the skin. The vessels coagulate and are reabsorbed into the body. Destruction of the blood vessels improves the appearance of the targeted area.


This versatile device is effective for treating a number of conditions, including:

  • Facial veins and redness in the face, neck, and chest: Results are long-lasting with adequate sun protection.
  • Raised or keloid scars: Laser treatment works best in conjunction with cortisone injection in the keloid.
  • Acne scars: VBeam is most effective on redden acne scars.
  • Brown spots on the skin: VBeam laser treatment is particularly effective for age spots and brown pigmentation on the face and hands.
  • Stretch marks: Treatment can be performed soon after delivery. It is most effective on newer, red stretch marks, reducing the change in the skin color.
  • Port wine stains and birthmarks: Darker birthmarks may require a number of treatments to resolve. Birthmarks on the face typically require fewer treatments than those on the body.
  • Leg veins: Smaller leg veins may occur or remain after injections to correct larger leg veins. VBeam is used to treat these smaller veins that respond to laser better than injections.
  • Cherry angiomas: These are common, benign skin growths with broken blood vessels inside, which give them a reddish appearance. In many cases, the VBeam laser can resolve cherry angiomas in only one treatment.

At Advanced Skincare, we are leaders in skin care, dermatology, and plastic surgery. Our top medical professionals serve Fullerton and Newport Beach with skilled VBeam laser procedures to effectively treat a wide range of cosmetic issues.

* There are no refunds, but you may exchange for another service if indicated by the physician.

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