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Try a dermaplane to remove unwanted facial hair
and dead skin cells. It will leave you with a fuzz free
face and a dewy glow.
Skin Rejuvenation


Dermaplane has become a highly sought after skin treatment, due to its ability to reveal healthy, smooth skin for a glowing facial appearance.* This medical procedure is considered a safe method of exfoliating the skin and removing fine vellus hair – also called peach fuzz.* It is performed using a surgical blade that is gently swept across the skin, sloughing off dead skin cells and fine hair. It can address a variety of cosmetic concerns, ranging from dry skin and fine hair to hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.*

Dermaplaning proves to be a viable option for many individuals, but it is especially beneficial for pregnant or nursing patients who wish to revive a dull, dry complexion.* The treatment offers deep exfoliation without the potentially harmful peeling agents that can enter the bloodstream and be transferred to the baby.*
The process is relatively quick, with most patients having their entire face treated in about 30 to 45 minutes. Since the process only removes the outermost layer of the skin (epidermis), there is typically no downtime or side effects.* Although many people are concerned that their hair will grow back darker and thicker, this is not true. Since the hair being removed is vellus hair, it grows back exactly as it was before.*

Dermaplaning FAQs

How does dermaplaning work?
Your skin is pulled taut while a sterile surgical blade is very gently scraped across the surface. This blade removes dead skin, and vellus hair (peach fuzz) on the face. This leaves the skin ultra smooth and bright.*

Will the hair on my face grow back darker or thicker?
No! It is impossible to change the structure of your hair follicle by manipulating the hair only on the surface.* Your hair will gradually grow back exactly how it was before the treatment.*

Am I a candidate for dermaplaning?
Our licensed medical aesthetician will analyze your skin prior to treatment and determine if you are a candidate. If you have found in the past that your skin is too sensitive for a microdermabrasion, dermaplaning may work best for you.*

Can Dermaplaning be combined with chemical peels or IPL treatments?
Yes, and it is often recommended.*


How often do I need to get this treatment done?
Dermaplaning can be performed every 4 weeks.


What do I need to do before and after my dermaplane treatment?
You must discontinue any exfoliating products including alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) serums, scrubs, retinol night creams and topical prescriptions (Triluma, Retin-A, Tretinoin etc…) for at least 5 days prior to and 5 days after your treatment.* It is very important to apply sunscreen daily after this treatment, as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun’s damaging rays.*


Is there downtime associated with dermaplaning?


There is no downtime after this treatment.* You may have slight redness for a few hours, but your skin will be smooth and bright very quickly.* We call this a “lunch time treatment”, often people will return back to work as soon as the treatment is over.


Is this treatment safe for pregnant or lactating women?
Yes this treatment can be performed safely on pregnant or lactating women.*
*Results and patient experience may vary.