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There are several hair restoration treatment options available, and you may have tried some of the common medications. These systems often have limited results. It may be time to consider our professional Newport Beach hair restoration treatment. Our team of professionals at ADV in Fullerton have years of experience in modern hair restoration technology, and we provide a variety of treatment options.

Hair Restoration Newport Beach


People of any age or gender can start to lose their hair. Most adults experience hair loss at some point in their lives. Hair loss is pre-determined by your genetic makeup, but can be made worse by environmental factors such as stress, as a side effect of some medications, diet, or over-processing. Certain autoimmune diseases or other medical conditions can cause hair loss that is temporary or permanent.

You may have seen, or even tried, a wide variety of treatments for hair loss. You may be a candidate for treatment if you have areas of baldness or thinning hair, and feel less confident in your appearance. Our hair loss restoration pros can help determine the most effective treatment for your specific condition.

Treatment Options

There are non-surgical options for hair loss, such as medications or topical creams. Prescription medications can help slow the progress of hair loss, but are more effective for people who have mild symptoms. If you have a more extensive case of hair loss, you may want to consider surgical options, which include:

  • Hair transplanting is a procedure that takes skin with healthy hair follicles and transplanting these follicles into the areas with hair loss. It is the most common type of hair restoration procedure.
  • Scalp reduction or expansion are used to remove bald scalp or expand hair-bearing scalp. Scalp reduction is performed to remove bald scalp and the hair-bearing scalp is brought closer to your hairline. Scalp expansion uses a device to slowly stretch the skin, and is sometimes performed before a scalp reduction for more severe cases.
  • Modern hair restoration makes it possible to harvest healthy hair follicles, one by one, with an automated system. Our Fullerton hair restoration treatment involves less downtime, no linear scar, and very natural-looking results.
  • PRP Hair Regrowth Treatments

Our experienced hair restoration team will help you determine which treatment will produce the most dramatic improvement in your appearance.

Aftercare & Recovery

Surgical procedures will have a short recovery period before new hair growth begins. You will be given aftercare instructions for any incisions to speed healing and reduce scarring in a strip procedure. If you choose to have hair transplant surgery, noticeable hair growth will require several months. Every patient is different, and while some may see new hair in about three to five months, while others may take longer. If you are patient, and care for the treated areas as directed, you will soon be able to enjoy an improved appearance, with new hair growth in the thinning or balding areas.

Hair Restoration Newport Beach

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